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Soundwave>Series ((2)): Surround>Sound

Friday, June 9, 2006, 8:00 pm, $6-


Guest Curated by Matt Davignon (Found Objects Festival, Sound/Shift)
Video by Sarah Lockhart (21 Grand)
Myrmyr (Laptop/violin/cello duo of Marielle Jakobsons & Agnes Szelag)
Luz Alibi/Mr. Maurader (trumpet/electronics duo)
Quartet (Moe! Staiano/Percussion, Kanoko Nishi/Koto, Lance
Grabmiller/Laptop, Matt Davignon/Turntable)

Project>Soundwave proudly presents the first show of the Soundwave>Series 2nd Season. “LIVE PLAY” is a different sort of audio-visual feast. Guest curator Matt Davignon assembles three groups of prominent electronic and acoustic musicians from Bay Area’s experimental music scene to improvise scores for an unusual array of  films selected and gathered by 21 Grand’s Sarah Lockhart. Like the audience, the musicians will be seeing the films for the first time as they perform, and must respond to elements of the videos.

The Soundwave>Series is an innovative Bay Area event series dedicated to the exploration of the nature of sound. The 2nd Season, with the theme of Surround>Sound, runs from June through July with performances at ATA, The LAB, Luggage Store Gallery and a special live session on KPFA radio. More info:

Produced by ME’D1.ATE Network (


Guest Curator: MATT DAVIGNON
Oakland’s Matt Davignon is a experimental musician and curator that has developed a unique form of improvisation over the last 10 years, focusing on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. Matt is active in organizing experimental & unusual music performances in the San Francisco Bay Area and is responsible for such events as The San Francisco Found Objects Festival, Sound/Shift Oakland and helping to launch the Field Effects series. He is one of the curators for the Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series, the longest continuously running series for experimental and improvised music in San Francisco.

Myrmyr is the collaboration by Marielle Jakobsons and Agnes Szelag to create an improvisational electroacoustic music.  myrmyr’s music rides on the tension between the slightly cacophonous to flowing melodies, using their instruments, voices, field recordings, live sampling and programming skills. Exploring many musical genres, they never play the same set.  With performances based on reaction and often invoking the element of surprise, the duo keeps themselves and the audience on their toes.

Agnes Szelag was given a microphone at age four and has been fascinated with all types of recording mediums since then. Her work includes songwriting, electronics, improvisation, cello, voice, dance, and visual mediums such as photography, sculpture and video. Over the last five years Agnes has performed in the Bay area as aggiflex, Comfort Food (w/ Abe Dichi), and most recently myrmyr (w/ Marielle Jakobsons) doing both live audio sets as well as being a VJ. She has worked with many kinds of artists and has produced music and video and performed for dance/performance companies such as Capacitor and more recently Double Vision.

Marielle Jakobsons aims to rebuild musical performance as a breathing system of sound, people, and space. Born in Cleveland in 1982, she received her B.A. in Music Performance and Biology from Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music. Her recent work deconstructs the violin as both performance interface and sound generator utilizing custom electronics and interactive computer programming. Recent solo work has been heard at Les Voutes (Paris) and the Luggage Store Gallery (SF).

MR. MARAUDER was born in rural Ohio. In 1980 he was awarded the Copper Bishop For Chess Excellence. He has made appearances in a Eurythmics
video and on the television program “Let’s Make A Deal!”, as well as writing and acting in drunken performance art pieces at the UCLA Center for the Performing Arts and Highways in Los Angeles, CA. Currently residing in Oakland, Jason works as a substitute teacher and is affectionately known by students as “Mr. Hamburger.”  He currently performs with Le Flange du Mal, The Weegs and Earwicker.

LUZ ALIBI earned a silver trophy in the 1986 rowboat competition, despite being docked points for jumping out of the watercraft to push. She has since gone on to pursue other interests, among them a love of  trumpet and cheese. She currently performs with Le Flange du Mal, Diatric Puds, Rutro and the Logs, and Porest. She lives in Oakland.

Matt Davignon is an experimental musician living in Oakland, California. Since 1993, he has developed his own unique style of music, which focuses largely on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. His first experiments as a teenager were constructed using 2 boom boxes, combining household objects, CD/tape samples and heavily effected improvisation on a variety of “real instruments”. Since then, he has spent time studying (in a non-academic sense) bass guitar, live sound collage, consumer-grade electronics, prepared acoustic guitar, real-time sampling/looping, experimental turntablism, and field recordings on handheld cassette recorders.

Lance Grabmiller straddles the gap between the “avant-garde” and the “electronic”. He has played in improvisational groups and has also opened for such notable electronic acts as Kid606, Sagan, Wobbly, Uprock and Meg Lee Chin among others.

Moe! Staiano is a percussionist who usually uses found objects, but has moved to doing drumming on found objects on his trap set (i.e. prepared percussion). Moe! (yes, he includes the exclaimation mark in his name) has experimented through the years though solo percussion using pipes, food pans, pressure caps, sheet metals, nick-nacks & other stuff that has been found, given or stolen (mainly from Pizza Hut when he worked there including a nifty Spatula that he bows). One can expect to see Moe!’s show as a visual eye pleaser: running around throwing pipes on concrete, walking on pans with his feet to mute sounds or running amok, throwing his body into old cassette tapes or two dozen cymbals in any given performance.

Kanoko Nishi….coming soon

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