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long notes for spring

Friday, April 28, 2006, 8:00 pm, $5

The Dial

The Dial
The Dial is a duo from North Adams, Massachusetts, comprised of multi-instrumentalist Anne Doerner, and composer and sound artist Ven Voisey.  A mix of acoustic instrumentation (violin, accordion, xylophone, guitar…), field recordings, and electronic textures make up their intricately carved sonic structures. http://www.v—

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma with film by Paul Clipson
Cantu-Ledesma, a local experimental musician and noise maker, is the founding member of Tarentel, and also currently performs in The Alps and The Holy See. Paul Clipson, a local filmaker and artist who also projects film with Tarentel and The Holy See, will accompany Cantu-Ledesma with Super8 film footage.

Gregg Kowalsky

Kowalsky’s compositions range from textural ambient to drone and noise pieces, which are highly influenced by the thick, humid air of South Florida where Gregg lived for most of his life. He is interested in filling the spaces his music occupies through dense, live electro-acoustic mixes, and has composed for film, dance, acoustic ensembles and sound installations.

Joshua Churchill

Churchill is a local interdisciplinary artist that works with sound in the context of performance, recordings, and art installations. He performs and records multi-layered instrumental improvisations under his own name, as well as solo noise work under the name T/R.

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