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Friday, February 10, 2006, 8:00 pm, $5

Little is known about Bay Areas SIXES with limited releases, cryptic interviews,and next to no documentation. Nothing but a bloodied trail of live miasma can peice together a 15+yr hellish trainwreck. Dating back somewhere around the late 80’s under the nom de guerre, AZOG, years of venomous scum electronics thrust upon the west coast underground denizen were greeted with aversion. Most notably in San Diego, where SIXES’ lineage can be traced back to an early incarnation of avaunt-doom act Physics & rhythm / noise assault outfit Crash Worship through the 90’s. Organ, guitar, horns, tapes, homemade circuits served as vehicle in exploring nothing but total sonic hate while melting heads with walls of amplifiers.
   Playing out solo between tours and organizing numerous underground experimental shows out of his basement, galleries, warehouses and throughout Southern California, it was in 2000 when relocating to Oakland that brought
his selfstyled vitriol to a larger audience. Converting an old store front to a speak-easy music venue hosting hundreds of events for local and international touring underground acts over the years while creating one of
the noise strongholds of the greater Bay Area.
   Still touring tirelessly SIXES has hit the road with the likes of other West Coast heavyweights such as Chronicles of Lemur Mutation, Withdrawl Method, Gerritt, Caroliner, Tarantism, Bran(…)Pos, Hans Grusel, 16Bitch
Pile-Up and playing with countless others. This year has seen the release of new recordings out on Resipiscent, Animal Disguise, Hung Like a Horse,Troniks / RRR / Groundfault, AD72 / Enterruption. Forthcoming
recordings soon out on Gods of Tundra, Chondritic Sound, CIP, Nihilist, etc.


Jason Zeh, a magnetic cassette tape composer from
Bowling Green Ohio, began producing experimental music
in 1999.   At that time his focus was on the
exploration of the sonic possibilities of junk
electronics.  Performances were rare and the act of
creation was largely a solitary experience.   However,
Zeh’s current work relies on the creation of intimate
social encounters through the use of extreme quiet
punctuated by steep inclines toward moments of extreme
loudness.  Live shows combine a mixing of previously
recorded source sounds with real time manipulation of
cassette tape through the use of modified tape decks
and dismantled cassettes.  The relationship Zeh has to
the cassettes and tape decks used to record and
manipulate the sounds is not unlike that of many
laptop artists in terms of his meticulous sculpting of
sound.  But Zeh’s emotionally charged and
aesthetically dynamic compositions lack the stilted
and overly technical feel of some electronic music
produced by computers.

Zeh has performed throughout the United States with
noise artists such as John Wiese,  Daniel Menche,
Damion Romero, Wolf Eyes, Burning Star Core, Hair
Police, Jessica Rylan,  and Peter B and has toured
with Mike Shiflet,  Cotton Museum, Leslie Keffer and
Jesse Kudler.

Information: Gerritt (aka Gerritt Wittmer)

Bio: Gerritt Wittmer has been recording music as Gerritt since 1996. In 1998 he created the Misanthropic Agenda label and released the compilation Sadomachinism CD
(MAR000) featuring the first Gerritt track to be released,”Time Has Come”. A couple of years later
Misanthropic Agenda released the Bastard Noise/Gerritt split 7 inch (MAR002). In the following years Gerritt focused on his own recordings and taking the label to new heights. Misanthropic Agenda released the series of
Merzbow Frog related releases (MAR003, MAR004, MAR006) including Merzbow-Frog “Remixed and Revisited” 2xCD featuring a remix by Gerritt, “Frog Inside Hypercube”.

In the summer of 2003 Gerritt did an extremely successful west coast tour with John Wiese. The pacific northwest portion saw D. Yellow Swans joining the tour for several shows. A special unplanned show occured in Seattle when the doom/ambient metal super group Sunn0))) asked Gerritt to play as a member for a night.

Spring of 2004 Gerritt toured the north east US. On this tour he played a live collaboration set with
Stephen O’Malley on guitar (Sunn0))), Khanate, Lotus Eaters, etc..), and Tim Wyskida (Khanate) on
Timpani drums and Gong! The recording from this event was released as: Ginnungagap “Return to Nothing” (MAR009).

In the summer of 2004 Gerritt moved to California, currently residing in Oakland/San Francisco.

Also, in 2004, Gerritt and John Wiese both joined up with SunnO))) again for a show in San Francisco. On MLK Jr. day, 2004 Gerritt teamed up with Axolotl and D. Yellow Swans for a collaboration that was recorded and later released on the Jyrk label.

In 2005 Gerritt appeared on the LHD “Triple Void” 12″ with John Wiese and Phil Blankenship. P-Tapes
released the Gerritt “Chill Pill” 3″. Gerritt appears on and helped mix the D. Yellow Swans, “Psychic Secession” CD/LP. Misanthropic Agenda released the John Wiese produced, Gerritt “Space Level Blaze” CD. (MAR010)

1998 V/A Sadomachinism CD (MAR000)
2000 Gerritt/Nitrous Flesh split Tape (TRO45)
2001 Bastard Noise/Gerritt split 7 inch (MAR002)
2003 Gerritt RRRecycled Tape (RRR)
2003 V/A Merzbow-Frog “Remixed and Revisited” 2xCD (MAR006)
2003 Gerritt/John Wiese “tour” split 7 inch (MAR007)
2004 Gerritt “…sails the sea of displacement” 12 inch (DIE007)
2004 Ginnungagap “Return to Nothing” CD (MAR009)
2005 Axolotl/D. Yellow Swans/Gerritt CDr (jyrk)
2005 LHD “Triple Void” 12″ (Wiese/Blankenship/Gerritt) (chondritic)
2005 Gerritt “Chill Pill” 3 ” CDr (p-tapes)
2005 Gerritt “Live in the Air” CDr (troniks)
2005 Gerritt “Space Level Blaze” CD (MAR010)

Has played shows with artist such as: Isis, Dalek, John Wiese, Stephen O’Malley, TimWyskida, James Plotkin, Andy Hawkins, psi, House of Low Culture, Sunn 0))), Om, Hidden Hand, Mahjongg, Sean Meehan, Yeti, Solomon, Rotten Piece, Carissa’s Wierd, Growing, D. Yellow Swans,Noggin, Vicki, Mammal, A Fail Association, Improvisatyrs, Wiese & Koh, Zeek Sheck, Chuck Bettis,SIXES, Tarantism, Guilty Connector, Thirdorgan, Birchville Cat Motel,
Bastard Noise, Burmese, Silentist, Octis, Caroliner Rainbow, Haters, Jackie-O-Motherfucker.

For more information, images, promotional materials, etc. please contact:
Misanthropic Agenda po box 3847 berkeley ca 94703 usa
[email protected]


        Since the mid nineteen nineties Kevin Winter has been active recording under the Twenty Six Seventy Three name.  Live analogue synthesizer soundscapes ranging from barely there zero ambiance to solid, powerful drones to speaker shredding wall of noise static.

        In addition to the numerous self-released tapes and cd-rs 2673 has releases
on Maplewood New Jersey based Kitty Play Records, as well as esteemed U.S. black metal label Regimental Records. Split releases with artists as diverse as Kevin Drumm, Unicorn, The Cherry Point, Jessica Rylan, and the Scientific Explanation Of Despair litter the 2673 discography.

“Failed combustions transmitted from inside glass jars build tensions that Winter releases stingily.  No surprises if there’s a breath – holding achievements in his past. And skull – sharpening ceremonies.”
                -S. Glass, Bananafish Magazine

“…Combines the textural overflow of guitars-as-dentist-drills with a rumbling background assemblage that sounds as industrial as environmental, and as evil as anything.”
                -Byron Coley, The Wire

“Even though he just sat at a table something about his look of concentration was actually intriguing as a performance.”
                -Dominick Fernow

“…it has a presence, and a hypnotic quality in the drone of the foundation that makes me think of someone staring at themselves in the mirror while they assemble their weapon of choice, eyes sunken with purpose.”
                -Scott Candey, Worm gear

For discography and more information:
[email protected]


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