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ANSWER Film Series

Two new films about Venezuela

Thursday, December 1, 2005, 7:30 pm, $5


“Con los Pueblos de la Tierra” is an excellent documentary that gives the
essential background into what is popularly known as the Bolivarian
Revolution of Venezuela. Produced by noted Chilean journalist Marta
Harnecker, this documentary relates the inspiring and fascinating history
of  Hugo Chávez’s struggle to create a new Venezuela free of poverty,
illiteracy  and misery, and the involvement of the Venezuelan people in
their own  liberation. Spanish with English subtitles, 56 minutes, 2004.

“Voices of Venezuela”—a 12-minute video of interviews with community
people  in the social projects, “Missions” of Venezuela. It is a moving
series of  vignettes that complements “Con los Pueblos de la Tierra.”
Produced by  Gloria La Riva in early 2005.

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