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Washington Interns Gone Bad

A rational look at present day washington politics with head chopping fun!

Thursday, November 3, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

washinton interns

Washington Interns is a hilarious no-budget political thriller set in partisan Washington dc by present and future genius jason Buckley. Contemporary with nutty  satire and beheadings and sexual intrigue galore.  Jason Buckley could be the new Otto Preminger.  No mediocre acting or idiotic celebrities like Tom Cruise and Sandra Bollock to screw shit up.. So don’t miss your chance to see something that’s not a turd sandwich and  isn’t a reactionary rant  about  repressed  fear. It’s  a  full throttle pedal to the metal  hilarious  political satire. What happens when beheadings are the only way to get your point across? What kind of  world do we live in?  Check out  “washington Interns gone bad” and find out. You won’t be disappointed !

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