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Talk Mogadishu: Media Under Fire

Amnesty International screening

Sunday, October 16, 2005, 5:00 pm, $5

amnesty international

The story of HornAfrik, the first community TV and radio station in Somalia. A decade after the disastrous US humanitarian intervention in Somalia, HornAfrik, the first independent TV and radio station in war-ravaged Mogadishu, was established by three brave Somali-Canadians in the face of chaos and devastation. Their vision was to forge a path to peace through freedom of expression, impartial news, and debate. The station’s talk shows have become incredibly popular, providing a unique way for Mogadishu’s marginalized residents, including women’s groups and human  advocates, to speak out without being silenced.  It is a venture not without danger; HornAfrik has been attacked more than once by angry warlords displeased with the station’s content. Despite the perils, the founders of HornAfrik continue their broadcasts, creating a blueprint for the role of the media in times of conflict.

Speaker: Natoschia Scruggs
Fulbright Scholar to Senegal, Natoschia will speak about the media, war and the breakdown of civil society.  Originally from NYC, she has lived in Cote d’Ivoire for one year and has traveled throughout 8 African countries.  She is currently a doctoral student in African Diaspora Studies at UC Berkeley, and holds degrees  international relations (BA), political science and African Studies (MA) and African American Studies (MA).  She is also an intern with the Amnesty International Film Festival as Film Researcher.

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