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SF Chongolized Film Festival 05

Saturday, August 20, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

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A project of Ricardo “Chongo” Carpenter to provide a momentery relief from  an uncertain future…a place where you can stop reading the headlines and walk away with a smile on your face…knowing that, yes, the children ARE the future…we are the world…

1) “Radio Rockers”
      Directed by Ricardo Carpenter
     -A story about an intergalactic street dancer who travels for years to
avenge the death of his master…
      Starring Ricardo “Chongo” Carpenter, Kat Voldal, “Sugarpop” Katie, and

2) ” A GUY walks into a Bar”
      Directed by Jason Buckley
   – a typical guy meets girl story. Typical  that is, until a guy walks
into a bar…
     Starring Carlo Cosenza, Erika Bellas, Jabal  Englehard


and many more..

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