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Lost in the Wash

Friday, August 19, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

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Lost in the Wash begins with two strangers who meet in a laundromat. They do not know anything about the other, yet they are inexplicably drawn together. Their names are Lucy and Thomas, and they have one thing in common. Neither of them has anywhere else to go. This is the premise of a film within the film, directed by Blake Mitchell. Blake Mitchell is a young man whose life has been thrown into emotional chaos when his girlfriend leaves him. All he has are these two characters in the laundromat, so he uses them to try to work out his own emotional pain. The film at large becomes about the relationship between a director and his characters, an artist and his subjects. As Blake begins to lose his grip on the storyline and reality as he knows it, he finds his own characters have turned on him, leaving him in both a comical and metaphysical quandary. The film is 83 minutes long.

 Director of Photography: Christopher Hall
 Producer: Hillary Bergmann
 Music by James Nestor and Brian Wright
 Performed by My Life is on the Line
 Sound: Dustin Toshiyuki


 Drew Lanning as Blake Mitchell
 Larry Laverty as Thomas
 Wendy Taylor as Lucy
 Pia Shah as Natalie Chaudhry
 Miranda Calderon as Emily
 Koren Stonebreaker as Bridget
 Cynthia Burgess as the interviewer
 Diane Merlino as the therapist
 Bethany Hardy as Waitress
 Greg Zinger as Robert Bates
 Hillary Bergmann as Girl in A Hole in the Head
 Sina Eiden as Girl in laundramat
 Christopher Hall as Mark
 Yuri Baranovsky as Stand-Up Comedian
 Charlie Wise as Girl in Park/L.A. Girl
 Dustin Toshiyuki as the sound guy

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