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Man vs. TV: works by Bryan Boyce

Bayennale screening

Saturday, August 6, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

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San Francisco native Bryan Boyce is a film and video artist whose work has been shown at venues around the world, including the Rotterdam Internatonal Film Festival, NY Expo of Short Film and Video, NY Underground, Chicago Underground, Cinematexas, RESFest and the Pacific Film Archive. Tonight’s program will include:

State of the Union
Election Collectibles
America’s Biggest Dick
30 Seconds Hate
Phreek Out
Pablo Looks Back
Light Black from Pole to Pole

AND more……

The 2005 Bayennale is slated to take place in over 40 venues throughout the Bay Area July 22- August 7, 2005. The festival was instigated by California artist Lowell Darling and London artist Bill Allen, and has been organized by a volunteer committee comprised of Port of Oakland Public Art Committee (PAC) coordinator Geoff Dorn, PAC members Gregory Wiley Edwards, Jen Loy and Juan Carlos Quintana, BorderZone Arts’ Tressa Berman, and Oakland Cultural Affairs Commissioner Devin Satterfield, under the direction of Elisabeth Beaird.





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