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Bayennale screening

Thursday, August 4, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

enchanted boy/performance

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A collection of  uncanny video shorts from around the globe.


Run Yourself  For President, 2004, USA, 3.20 minutes, DVD
A pro bono public performance by local Bayarea artists Lowell Darling
in Berlin, Germany.

Videoworks by Mladen Stropmik, Slovenia, MPEG
Through several short pieces a glimpse of everyday absurdity unfolds.
Including one music video.
B2 (16 sec), f3 (27 sec), fgm (3.21 minutes), gij3 (5 sec), infuzija
(13 sec), pa ne me jebat (1.30 minutes), party (29 sec), rook (7 sec)

Videoworks by Niklas Goldbach, 2002-2003, Germany, DVD
Greetings 10:50 min
Inspired by Voyager’s greetings to the universe Niklas Goldbach takes
us on a journey through greetings in 63 different languages.
Ceasefire 4.20 min
Loewenhardt – Looping music video 4.16 min

Exerpts from The Acidhouse Kabaret (3.32) and The Enchanted Boy (3.20)
by Tania Llinares, Germany. CD-ROM and DVD

peace activists vs. Israeli Tank, 2002 by Larissa Sansour
Peace Activists vs. Israeli Tank has the struggle on the ground as its main focus. The piece is a six minute long video clip showing a group of peace activists trying to hinder the progress of an Israeli tank in the occupied territories.’
The footage is kept raw and unedited accompanied by monotonous electronic music. Aside from this dramatic stand-off Peace Activists vs. Israeli Tank gets its strenght from its recontextualization of what we normally understand as news footage. The venue, the display, the soundtrack and the sheer duration of the piece all play a part in concoeting a drama unlike anything we’ve ever seen on television. time 6.00 min

“the 20th century on visit in the 21st” by Andreas Templin
time: 1.33

“Hero” a videoinstallation by Jessica Lapino
time: 3.20

A.A.A.B.A.M Upstairs
Upstairs Gallery, Clerkenwell, EC1 27th February 2005
A.A.A.B.A.M Representative, Calum F. Kerr
Footage by Carina Thorén
time: 2.00

Floor of Sky (blue room) by Isak Imanuel

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The 2005 Bayennale is slated to take place in over 40 venues throughout the Bay Area July 22- August 7, 2005. The festival was instigated by California artist Lowell Darling and London artist Bill Allen, and has been organized by a volunteer committee comprised of Port of Oakland Public Art Committee (PAC) coordinator Geoff Dorn, PAC members Gregory Wiley Edwards, Jen Loy and Juan Carlos Quintana, BorderZone Arts’ Tressa Berman, and Oakland Cultural Affairs Commissioner Devin Satterfield, under the direction of Elisabeth Beaird.





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