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Free Form Film Festival

Friday, July 29, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5


In August, September and October, the Free Form Film Festival will tour the US, visiting up to 40 locations across the  U.S. with a very unique and eclectic film, music and performance program.

Kicking off this tour, we will present a special collection of short films at both ATA in San Francisco, and the Echo Park Film Center in LA.  This program will feature some of the best short works the
FFFF has collected in the last year.  


What is FFFF?
The Free Form Film Festival (FFFF) is a traveling festival of film and music created by loaf-i productions and Inner Mission Productions. The FFFF brings an eclectic collection of innovative films to cities and towns across the United States. The FFFF is a continuously touring event without beginnings or endings. In other words, we do it here and there, whenever and wherever possible.

Film festivals present amazing opportunities for filmmakers, but also for the communities that the festivals take place in. For filmmakers, festivals offer exposure and necessary attention. For a town or a city in which any given festival takes place, an opportunity for cultural and artistic inspiration takes place. Some communities seriously need artistic seeds to be planted; other communities are already rich with artistic expression but still need cultivation in order to continue growing. The FFFF seeks to benefit both types of communities as well as the filmmakers by visiting large  cities and small towns alike.

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