Artists' Television Access

San Francisco Independent Student film festival

Friday, June 24, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

independent student


The Plan: a film by Micah Brandt trt: 9:39

A Night To Remember: Directed by Jason Denzel trt: 12:00

The Nightingales: Directed by Brad Kane trt: 10:00

Ole Pologa (The Suffer): by Zena Noah Iese trt: 3:00

Bay Alarm spec: Directed by: Armando S. Ani trt:0:30

Untitled: Directed by: Margarita Peralta trt: 4:30

Kandy Kidz: Directed by Micah Brandt trt: 10:00

A Collection of shorts: Directed by Robin Dunn trt: 25:00

Mid-Penn…a tv pilot. Directed by Matt Chapman trt: 11:00

Red: Directed by Blake Harjes trt: 2:00

Additional entries TBA

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