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Superconducter : Music videoing by independent directors and bands

Mission Creek Music Festival

Friday, June 10, 2005, 7:30 pm, $6


Join us as Fluorescent takes the plunge into pixel land. After two years of ear drum-pleasing promotional events laced with fun antics and poppin¹ beats from Soft Pink Truth, Tussle, Kid606, DMX Krew, Tim Sweeney, Gravy Train!!!, Plaid and more, we¹d like to dazzle your retinas by video with the same DIY, top notch innovation as our recording artists and DJ’s. This time let our program tickle yr rods and cones with these goodies:


SF Premiere : Chris Cunningham’s “Rubber Johnny” (Warp Vision) with musical score by Aphex Twin, of course.


Harmony Korine’s “No More Work Horse Blues” music by Bonnie “Prince” Billy aka Wil Oldham


M.I.A. doing her thing, all political sexy straddling elephants in the wet hot jungle.


Flicker mayhem with Black Dice, Lightning Bolt, Paperrad, Neon Hunk, and White Mice.


Legendary bass player Holger Czukay (CAN) mows his lawn in his summer best.


Blood on the Wall plays haunting basketball while solarized skaters swoop around her sexual chocolatey voice.


Eats Tapes finds a heavy metal guitar player in their refrigerator, and Soft Pink Truth dances hard against a blue screen.


Growing moves trees
And more…


Drinks, videos, good times… Don¹t miss this screening. Seating is limited and will sell out. Come early!

6 bux enjoys a cosmic pinata of sight and sound imploding w/ tasty psych flavors~






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