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Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 8:00 pm, $3-

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Three Bay Areas artists, graphic novelist and painter Eric Drooker, semi-concious cartoonist Keith Knight, and urban humorist Jon Longhi, take to the road for a no-holds-barred multi-media assault on the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Each will perform a 15-minute set that combines spoken-word, and/or slides, and/or music. Danger will be in abundance.

About the artists:

Eric Drooker ( is a frequent cover artist of the New Yorker

magazine, and his wordless novels, “Flood” and “Bloodsong”, have become urban legends.  His musical slide lecture is a unique and profoundly stimulating experience.

Keith Knight ( is the creator of two weekly self-syndicated comic strips, “the K Chronicles” and “(th)ink”.  His work can be seen in, the Funny Times,, ESPN the magazine, and more.  Locally, (th)ink can be found in Faultlines. His fourth K Chronicles collection, “the Passion of the Keef”  (with a foreword by “Boondocks”  creator Aaron McGruder) has just been released by Manic D Press.  His slideshow performance will make you snort like a hog.

Jon Longhi ( is the counter-cultural genius behind several books, including “Flashbacks and Premonitions”, and his latest , “Wake up and Smell the Beer” (Manic D Press).  His work is so damned good that underground comix legend Robert Crumb drew the covers of both books.  His energetic literary performance will leave you filthy.

The cities hosting the Ink, Sweat and Tears Tour include: San Francisco, Ca (5/18), Eugene, Or. (5/19), Olympia, Wa. (5/20), SeattleWa. (5/21), Portland, Or. (5/22), and San Jose, Ca (5/24).  Each artist will have books and more for sale.  Admission is



sliding scale.

Book info:

Bloodsong by Eric Drooker (Harvest/HBJ) ISBN: 015600884X

Flood by Eric Drooker  (dark horse)  isbn #: 1569718210

Illuminated Poems by Eric Drooker and Allen Ginsberg(Four Walls Eight Windows) ISBN: 1568580703

Flashbacks and Premonitions by Jon Longhi (manic d press) ISBN: 0916397548

Wake Up and Smell the Beer by Jon Longhi  (manic d press) ISBN: 0916397831

 ISBN 0-916397-83-1

Rise and Fall of Third Leg by jon Longhi (manic d press) ISBN: 0916397270

The Passion of the Keef by Keith Knight (manic d press) ISBN: 091639767X

Red, White Black and Blue by Keith Knight (manic d press) ISBN: 0916397882

What a Long Strange Strip It’s Been (manic d press) (top shelf productions)

 ISBN: 1891830309


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