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40 Years of Super 8 Film: Global Super 8 Day

Sunday, May 8, 2005, 8:00 pm

Come and celebrate Global Super 8 Day!  Events are being held in forty cities around the world and ATA is proud to represent San Francisco on this momentous occasion.  We will be screening nearly twenty pieces from four decades of work by Bay Area filmmakers. These fascinating pieces showcase the medium’s evolution and many different faces.  This is great stuff you won’t see anywhere else.


Films by:

  • Anne Robertson
  • Christian Bruno
  • Danny Plotnick
  • Gilbert Guerrero
  • Hugo Kobayashi
  • John Word
  • Kim Miskowicz
  • Kirk Janes
  • Lucas Ketelle
  • Mike Missiaen
  • Mike Okum
  • Rebecca A. Devlin
  • rk howie
  • The Super 8 Militia