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Street Level Tv

Sunday, May 1, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

street level tv

May Day, May Day, May Day!!!  .  In an age where even the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to create new MTV-like “fadical” broadcast networks, truly independent media is still struggling to keep the attention focused on the real issues.  Come join SLTV for a night of some truly grassroots community media!!

This month on SLTV:
*Sunny Angulo brings you the news from around the world and around the
block in your local neighborhood
*Lisa Sousa brings you a blunt interview with Aiden Delgado, a
concientious objector recently discharged from the Army after serving in
Iraq and at the infamous Abu-Ghraib prison; he talks about the realities
of war and military recruiting in schools
*Greg Rodgers brings you a look at the fight to hold Comcast accountable
to workers and the wider community
*Mia Rovegno brings you a piece on stencil warriors Josh MacPhee and
Russel H., including a guided tour through the City, rich with a history
of public art
*Lisa Sousa brings you continued coverage on the fight to keep Oakland’s
schools afloat under the new “restructuring” being implemented by Randy
*Joe Liesner brings you a moving segment about the “Eyes Wide Open”
memorial, and the stories of families who have lost a child to the
senseless War in Iraq
plus shorts and much more!!!

Pre-Screening Treat:
A reprise of “Philz Coffee” – for all those Mission afficionados out
there, you will no doubt recognize Phil from his savory, quirky and wildly
passionate ways!  Let him make love to your coffee!!!

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