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Women in Struggle

ANSWER Film Series

Thursday, March 3, 2005, 7:30 pm, $5

The documentary film “Women in Struggle” is about Palestinian women whom are ex-political detainees demonstrating their struggle during their years of imprisonment in Israeli jails exploring the affects and influence on their present life and their future outlook.


The focus will be on the lives of four women who came out of their regular roles as sisters, mothers, wives, and took on a different role being involved in the Palestinian national struggle for independence. Without narration, these women give their testimony in their own words about their past difficult experiences, of their suffering while living their daily difficult life in the current Palestinian Intifada which was not an element present during the initial research of this documentary nor was the so called “war on terror and the apartheid wall These additional three elements have made this film critical in exploring, identifying, and understanding how these women detainees made the effort to preserve their dignity and integrate in the social and political aspects of the Palestinian life.


Although these four women are out of the actual Israeli prison they actually find themselves in a bigger prison carrying “prison” within them in every aspect of their life.


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