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StreetLevel TV


Sunday, February 6, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

Come celebrate a year of independent community media at ATA.  Join us for
some tunes, hella booze – and television coverage of YOUR community!!!

This month’s episode will feature:
** The Year that Was: 2004 – a montage of the stories and events, the
disappointments and victories, that rocked the globe and the movement **
Newsdesk – the on-going tragedy of the people of Asia and Africa affected
by the December tsunami; the resistence in Acheh; pending housing
evictions; the war STILL raging in Iraq; California’s 11th execution since
1978; Palestine update, and more…
** Local Solidarity with Tsunami Survivors – Bay Area groups rally and
organize to send relief to Asia
** The Reality of Acheh – The remotest province of Indonesia was also the
hardest-hit by the tsunami.  Local independent reporters talk about the
political crisis in Acheh, with footage from the area before the tsunami
** IrRESISTable – the 3rd annual hip-hop extravaganza sponsored by the
Naked Souls Collective and Artist’s Alliance
** Pro-Woman, Pro-Choice – Thousands of anti-choice Christians and
lobbyists descend on San Francisco to “walk for life” – see what happens
when San Francisco fights back!!
** No Inaguration Today: Jan. 20 – The Bay Area rallies once again to show
its disgust with the Bush administration and its bloody illegal war ** New
Bike Co-Op in SF
** … with special guests Matt Gonzalez and Ralph Nader, and music by
Monument to Masses

back once again by popular demand: La Colectiva de Mujeres!
Meet the kick-ass ladies of the Day Labor Program’s Women’s Collective.

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