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Amnesty International Mini Film Festival:


Saturday, January 15, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

Launched in 1975, Operation Condor united half a dozen Latin American
dictatorships with a singular cause: to stamp out the threat of leftist
political opposition by any means possible, often by torture and
assassination. In the name of “the struggle against terrorism,” Condor
conducted a secret war on South American dissidents for more than a decade
? a war its architects openly claim as a progenitor of the current “War on
Terrorism.” Through the stories of both victims and perpetrators, CONDOR ?
AXIS OF EVIL chillingly explores this brutal coalition, whose roster of
collaborators included then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the CIA.

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Director: Simone Duarte
Documentary. 2004. Brazil/Argentina. 28 min. Spanish, subtitled.

In Argentina, adopted children have grown up with a haunting legacy of
state violence: the “disappearance” of their parents under circumstances
that are still being unearthed. In the course of their search for truth,
the new generation is building an archive of remembrance. ARCHIVO DE LA
IDENTIDAD presents the work of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo
Association and a group of students at the University of Buenos Aires, as
they bring to life the forgotten faces and memories of “Los Desaparecidos.”
They file not statistical facts or fingerprints, however, but memories of
the deceased: a favorite color, or a place frequented on leisurely
afternoons. This is a work that can help all of Argentina to search for its

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