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The Coconut-Lotion Stop-Motion Commotion

A festival of Strippers, Swingers, and Single-Framers!

Monday, December 13, 2004, 8:00 pm, $3

coconut lotion

Join us for an evening of cinematic reveries by students from the Motion Graphics fall class from the San Francisco Art Institute! Group works include:

 The “Re-shot Shit-faced Shoot-out” and other collaborative work exploring the edges of live action, animation, and the nature of projected motion itself. Be aware and ready for the diverse personal works explicitly exploring themes with emotional, experimental and controversial natures.


These films exhibit a diverse array of frame-by-frame filmmaking techniques including hand painting, optical printing, hand processing, re-photography and other

Exhibiting artists include:

Rachael Abernathy
John Alston
Michael Ball
Nathan Boyce
David Castro
Anthony DeSimone
Tiffany Doesken
Jorge Flores
Christian Gainsley
Ryan Glenn
Sarah Hagey
Rotem Linial
Justine Lo
Jessica Lockard
Rachel Manera
Pedro Moreno
Evdoxia Mpras
Jennifer Noland
Lettie Rennekamp
Esther Weng

Also, explore the 170-year old animation technique of the phenakistiscope!

3 Bucks!! Snacks and Beverages!!

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