Artists' Television Access

Spreading Propaganda

A film by Nadine Laule and David Moisl

Friday, December 3, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5

spreading propaganda

Entartete Kunst (German for “degenerate art”) is an anarcho-electro label with a mission: spreading propaganda. Living on the edge of empire, three electronic music artists (Drowning Dog, the Deletist, and Malatesta) plus one poet (Raw Knowledge) are out to make music, poetry, and trouble. Collectively operated, the San Francisco based label puts out thought-provoking electronic music that fuses beats and politics (think dark, slow hip-hop with Noam Chomsky samples). This documentary offers an intimate look into these artists’ lives, and introduces America – as seen through their eyes. Provocative and stimulating, ‘Spreading Propaganda’ features a gritty soundtrack of Entartete Kunst’s finest releases to date.

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