Artists' Television Access

intervals: (themes and variations on) relational space

October 16, 2003 - October 17, 2004

Screenings and performances:

Program I – Thurs., Oct. 16 and Fri., Nov. 21, 8pm
Program II – Fri., Oct. 17, 8pm

The work in “intervals” seeks to explore the pauses, the durations and the spaces in between the things that make up the structure of our lives. In our contemporary world where time has been unduly compressed into work schedules, advertising, newsclips and entertainment-induced attention spans, the artists in “intervals” have chosen to focus on the places and moments where seemingly nothing is happening. But, we’re asking you to look again…

Film/video screenings and performances:

Program I: Thursday, October 16, 8pm and Friday, November 21, 8pm

Yin-Ju Chen

      , “Untitled_03”, video

Howie Cherman

      , TV spots for “Formal Engagement”, video

Stan Douglas

      , “Monodramas”, video

Gilbert Guerrero

      , “Gilbert Performs a Film About Two People Sitting on a Park Bench or Brujería, con una Pelicula Robado del Teatro de Díos”, film/sound performance

Charles Gute

      , “Untitled”, video

Lindsay Ljungkull

      , “Scenes As A Film”, super-8 transfer

Norman Long

      (on Oct. 16) sound performance

Norman Long, Charles Boone and friends

      (on Nov. 21), sound performance

Mechele Manno

      , “Appointment with Tom Marioni”, video

Mike Missiaen

      , “Untitled”, super-8 film

Jo Nigoghossian

      , “running from, running to, pulling over to piss or the sublime”, video

Sarah Vogwill

      , “Electric Time”, super-8 transfer

Lee Walton

    , “A somersault at the midpoint between my coffee table and my favorite bookstore”, video

Program II: Friday, October 17, 8pm

      Samuel Beckett’s

Happy Days

      starring Rosaleen Linehan and Richard Johnson, filmed in 2001 by Patricia Rozema for the Beckett On Film series (Blue Angel Films)

4 American Composers: John Cage

      , filmed by Peter Greenaway in 1983 for Channel Four Television/Transatlantic Films

Flour Arrangement

      (a Bruce Nauman performance), a project by Bill Allan, 1969