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The Gadabout

Traveling Film Festival

Wednesday, October 13, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5


The Gadabout is a nationally touring film festival that seeks to open new avenues of distribution for truly independent filmmakers that get pushed aside by Hollywood and the commercial film festival circuit. Focusing on short, mostly “low to no budget” films, the Gadabout offers an alternative to the cliche world of commercial film. Whether they are amateur, or recent film school grads, our filmmakers love what they are doing, and their work shows it. The Gadabout is NOT a competition, rather a celebration of independent film and video.


Turtle Hill
David Hurwich
A turtle tries to rid himself of pesky annoying rabbits who’ve invaded his peaceful quiet meadow.

Dominic Armao and Eric Ayotte
TroyPride’s newest short, and some say their finest to date. From silly to down right confusing, this young man has a lot going on in his head, and none of it based on any sense. 

Life Of Death
Dawn Westlake
Throughout the 20th Century, and now into the 21st, wars have been waged all over the globe under the banner proclamation that conflict ultimately leads to world peace. A Life of Death presents the cost of this irony by poetically answering the question: What is the price of lasting peace?.

Wrice Writer
Dominic Armao and Eric Ayotte
This film chronicles the life of beloved rice writer Russell Cunningham. On the streets and into his past, we learn the art of writing on rice, and the price paid.

George Cox
Jeff did a joke. George liked the joke so he made it into a short film. How clever. George Cox is a 27 years old. He is ageless. He has no respect. Residing in Boston, MA, Cox continues to suffer a great deal of pain. He is a small man. Find him. When he is in front of you, tell him your true feelings..

Niels Post (The Netherlands)
Extrreme sports video.

Composition in Red & Yellow
Roger Beebe
In our time of national crisis, who can we turn to? Look to the Golden Arches, my friend. Look to the Golden Arches.

Like Sleep Might Steal on Me
Michael Wechsler
A semi-autobiographical account of a bout with insomnia and the resulting mental states. Conscious and unconscious worlds are explored as the line dividing the two becomes ever thinner.

Strikes Against Corporate America Part II: From The Fry Daddy To Your Car.
Frank Lopez (subMedia)
Learn how to make Bio-Diesel with Rob Del Bueno of Man or Astro-man.

Join The Resistance: Fall In Love
Frank Lopez (subMedia)
Adaptation of the love chapter from Crimethinc’s “Days of Love, Nights of War.”

Art Show
Kristine Virsis
Last summer a couple of us New Paltz kids wanted to share our art, we had an idea how…so we did!

Queer Stereotypes
Obi Williams
Children’s Media Project youth video activist, Obi Williams, asks folks in her school about what they thought about queer stereotypes.

Cum Pane
Anna Linder
An unidentifiable pattern so like the light layer of flour on a new dough waiting in a trough. A broken stone wall or a desert – who knows? Grandma and grandpa, concentrating, the back of a hand, a silhouette. No clear narrative. The bread is baking. They are silent, no idle talk. They work. We observe.

Bush Boys
Pop Films
One film with a particularly political message, “Bush Boys,” by POP Films, is a collage of news footage that illustrates the U.S. relationship with Saddam Hussein and the current war with Iraq. The film, from YETI’s “Under the Influence” project, is set to the beat of the DJ Danger Mouse song “Bush Boys,” from his “Ghetto Pop Life” album.

Dom Wake Up
Funtime Entertainment
“It all started when we would have big sleep-overs. Dom would go to bed in the other room. Then we would wake him up to make sure he was all set. We would make sure he was sleeping okay and things like that. If Dom’s sleeping right now you should wake him up cause he might be having a nightmare. Watch as we wake up Dom all night long. “

Nathan Lays
A devoted couple silently communicate through food: she cooks and he eats. Their lives are fused together by the conventions of marriage, but when the woman desires to be loved more she chooses an unusual path towards satisfaction.

Neo Teppen
Kaiju Big Battel
When Slo Feng is kidnapped by Dr. Cude, there’s only one Hero who can save the day – Neo Teppen.

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“Whether they are amateur, or recent film school grads, our filmmakers love what they are doing, and their work shows it.”  

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