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Patriot Acts

MadCat Women’s International Film Festival

Friday, September 24, 2004, 9:00 pm, $7-

Patriot Acts


Louis Bertelsen
2002 3 min Color Mini-DV US
Filmmaker in Person!
This politically inspired performance uses a former president as its narrator and a San Francisco street as its stage.

The General
Sietske Tjallingii
2004 3 min Color DVD The Netherlands
Bay Area Premiere
A biting satire on patriotism and military power in post-September 11 America.

Carolee Schneemann
1966 11 min B/W 16mm US
“Viet-Flakes was composed from an obsessive collection of Vietnam atrocity images I collected from foreign magazines and newspapers over a five-year period. Magnifying glasses from the ’5 & 10‘ were taped onto a borrowed 16mm Bolex in order to physically “travel” within the photographs—producing a rough animation. Images in and out of focus, broken rhythms and pans, the abstracted shapes and motions, speeding perceptual contradictions. For instance, a pointillism of falling black specks in focus becomes bombs dropping through the sky; an impressionistic swirl of tones translates as faces of US soldiers leading barefoot villagers from a gas-filled tunnel; a ’Rembrandt ink drawing‘ focuses in as a tank dragging a roped body.” (C. Schneemann)

Joyce Wieland
1964 4 min Color 16mm US
Using stop-motion to animate one man’s nightmare of hotdogs, the filmmaker takes a humorous approach to criticizing blind patriotism.

Cross Examination
Lori Hiris
1994 12 min B/W 16mm US
Using the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill broadcast as its soundscape, Cross Examination is a chilling reflection on politics, race, power dynamics and gender relations in America.

Joyce Wieland
1973 11 min Color 16mm US
Women unite at a strike and and shoes star in this cinematic gem with the voices of empowered workers as the soundtrack Wieland continues to challenge and intrigues her audiences by framing her subjects in unconventional ways.

Mr. Speaker
Caroline Avery
1973 11min Color 16mm US
Take a peek at a moment in history by viewing Mr. Speaker, a nonsense riddle with no answer, starring Newt Gingrich.

Across the Border
Dana Plays
1982 8 min Color/B/W 16mm US
This unconventional documentary uses archival footage, optically printed and hand–tinted, to untangle the complex relationship between the people of El Salvador and the US government in the early 80’s.

Lori Hiris
1992 6 min Color/B/W 16mm US
An exploration of US jingoism, national identity and the rhetoric of the 1991 Gulf War.

The MadCat Women’s International Film Festival seeks to exhibit provocative and visionary works that are original in their use of the medium. The festival’s goal is to emphasize innovative works by women that challenge the use of sound and image and explore notions of visual storytelling. This international festival advances an alternative vision by emphasizing work that exploits the medium.


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