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CUNextTuesday screens 'Born In Flames'

Thursday, June 17, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5

born in flame


CUNextTuesday Media is a new all-women’s media collective, collaborating on radical media for and about women.  They are currently raising funds to benefit beginning and continued production of several documentaries, including one on women in prison, one on radical women in today’s political culture and one on the crisis inPalestine.  

tonight’s program:

* Adbuster’s latest video magazine  ( – 15 min.

* “Born In Flames” – 90 min.

This film has been named as one of the best American independent films

ever made. Director, and lesbian feminist, Lizzie Borden, brings forth a

vision of a dystopic futuristic society brought low by a group of women

who topple the state-run media estate.   (Hell, yeah!)  Set in New York

City, the story begins ten years after a revolution that has been won by

socialists.  The result is that most of the fringe radical movements, led

by minorities, liberals, gay rights organizations, and feminists, are

being made even more powerless by the new male dominant regime.  This is

when the group of women decides to mobilize and take the revolution

forward beyond all expectations as they forge their own liberation.  Among

the group are the black and beautiful Honey, a presenter for the radio,

and the vivacious Isabel (Adele Berti) who is also a performer for the

metropolis’s futuristic radio station.  Pirate radio, radical women and

revolution – who could ask for more!


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