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BOOM: The Sound of Eviction

Special Benefit Event

Friday, June 11, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5


This special night will be a benefit for the Eviction Defense
Collaborative. Speakers from the EDC will be on hand as well as one of the
contributors to Boom. Learn what is currently going on in the struggle for
affordable housing and enjoy this historic and timeless feature-length
work by local producers – Whispered Media.

Boom the Sound of Eviction:

Enthralled by dreams of instant wealth during the dot-com boom, the world
largely ignored the resulting housing crisis that plagued San Francisco –
“Mecca of the New Economy.” Now the bubble has popped, but the high-tech
industry has changed the city’s landscape forever.

Boom explores the relationships between the dot-com boom (and bust) and
community displacement and gentrification in the San Francisco Bay Area,
particularly in the largely working class and Latino Mission District.

By turns humorous and scathing, Boom delves into the ironies and
contradictions of the “New Economy” and delivers a potent social critique
that is ambitious in its scope while remaining close to the human scale.
The viewer moves easily between dot-com party crashing at one end of the
economic spectrum and painful moments with evicted families at the other.
Boom features interviews with dot-com workers, real estate developers, and
San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, as well as those who challenged the new
economic order through community organizing, electoral politics, and
direct action.

In addition to doggedly pursuing the daily drama of San Francisco
gentrification and resistance, the filmmakers have amassed an enormous
amount of material from which to fashion their motion picture. Boom’s
eclectic pallet of imagery includes 60’s-era tourist movies, educational
films of the 1950’s, and the filmmakers’ own original footage, documenting
an era that has come and gone. Dramatic footage of communities in conflict
brings you out into the streets while experts and community members
themselves offer analysis of the social and historic forces that have
shaped the current political landscape.

Boom’s dynamic soundtrack features music by popular artists such as
Antibalas, Aztlan Underground, ColdCut, Fugazi, Michael Franti &
Spearhead, Mushroom and Tortoise, as well as original sound design by Alex

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The Eviction Defense Collaborative:

The Eviction Defense Collaborative (“EDC”), a non-profit, legal clinic and
community resource for tenants who are facing possible eviction. The EDC
helps those facing eviction by making funds available to them and by
providing free advice and counsel. The EDC is located in the heart of San
Francisco’s Mission District. The EDC also provides legal services to
tenants who are in eviction proceedings and is often the only resource
available to clients who lack the financial ability to retain an attorney.

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Conact Jeff from Whispered Media at
 [email protected]
conact Colleen from the EDC at
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