Artists' Television Access

Lee Krist and Sam Rypinski in Collaboration

Friday, June 4, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5

Lee Krist - Self Portrait

Lee Krist and Sam Rypinski join us tonight to present the West Coast premiere of a new collaborative work, “Rocky Butte”.  While using the hand processing and experimental color techniques for which Krist is well known, “Rocky Butte” distinguishes itself from previous work through the inclusion of formal editing, wrought by the hand of local narrative fillmmaker Sam Rypinski.  Krist will also screen a selection of early hand processed landscape films which also make their West Coast premieres including “Grieg Farm, Red Hook, NY” (1997) 16mm B&W, 9 minutes and “August 1997, Greenpoint, NY” (1998) 16mm B&W, 8 minutes. He will also screen “The Portland Movie” (2000) 16mm color, 7 minutes.  Also, Rypinski will screen new work including “Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria” (2003) 16mm color, 12 minutes, which features a musical score by Zoë Keating of the band Rasputina.  Krist is currently an artist in residence at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) where he is giving workshops in experimental animation, rotoscoping and reversal hand processing and using LIFT’s newly acquired 35mm Oxberry printer to work on his current film in “Tableaux Vivant” and produce archival prints of the portraits in the “Big Film Series”.  Rypinski is a self-described “Missionwood” filmmaker, currently completing an MFA at San Francisco State University.

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