Artists' Television Access

Myths of Thee Underground

ATA webzine issue #2 release and video screening

Friday, April 30, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5

myths zine cover small

Commemorating the on-going history of San Francisco’s media underground, the screening will chronicle work by early and contemporary members of this steadfast community including work by Luke Hones, Lise Swenson, Marshall Weber, Ant Farm, Eva König, Charles Gute, Kent Howie, Catherine Czacki and others.

The screening supplements the work presented in issue #2 of the ATA webzine. “Myths of Thee Underground” includes interviews, documentation, reviews and anecdotes about the people and places involved in San Francisco’s history of alternative media, art and activism. The issue includes a walk through SF video history by Luke Hones, a conversation with Craig Baldwin about punk rock media activism in the 80s by Gilbert Guerrero, a young artist’s search for her artist-hero Bruce Nauman by Catherine Czacki, a bi-coastal reconstruction of an early ATA installation by Kent Howie and Charles Gute, an interview with Lise Swenson about her newest project “The Mission Movie”, a report on the SRL 25th anniversary celebration at the Lab, and the history of 992 Valencia Street by Kathleen Quillian and Gilbert Guerrero.

In honor of ATA’s 20th anniversary, we will also be unveiling The Museum of Artists’ Television Anthropology, an archeological excavation of items unearthed from ATA’s premises.

The documentation presented is unofficial and the evidence is entirely unreliable. Come see for yourself and form your own conclusions!

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