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Friday, January 23, 2004, 8:00 pm, $4

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Short Format Hour: 4th Fridays @ ATA               

See fresh perspectives and formula shattering techniques in filmand video art from the Bay Area and beyond!      
One hour of shorts are accepted monthly on an open revolving basis.            
Live local bands open every show,and the refreshments are darn good.          

FREE admission for exhibitors.
Door/Bar: 7pm
Music Preshow: 7:30pm
Projector: 8pm 


“Choices” about a young woman in a small town, by Michael Struthers
“Calico Summer”: A self proclaimed art porn by Guy Campbell
“Get the Script to Woody Allen”: A romantic tale by NY’s Keith Black
“Shadowplay” by Peter Carter
“The Last Man” by Greg Zinger
“Driving” by Neal Morgan
and Michael Missiaen

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