Artists' Television Access

Carrot Top Parking Lot

Saturday, January 17, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5

Two fans of Jeff Krulick’s infamous “Parking Lot”

series, seeing that comedian Carrot Top is scheduled

to perform at a sizable metropolitan venue, are so

overcome with morbid curiosity as to just who the hell

would actually go out of their way to see such a thing

(and plunk down over

$30 for the privilege) that they

grab a camera, summon a little chutzpah, and go find out.Before the evening is over, they capture a furtive glimpse into the heretofore undocumented psyche of the Carrot Top aficionado, encounter a rival film company with the exact same idea, find out Carrot Top’sreal name, and, yes, learns a little something about themselves.

Previous to this, their first collaboration, directors

Joshua Pollock and Gabriel Wheeler both appeared in and workedon several films, plays, and commercials you’ve probably

never heard of.  Well, Josh appeared in films by Danny

Plotnick and Jon Moritsugu—you mighta heard of them.And Gabe worked with Naoko Nozawa, who’s famous inJapan,

apparently.  That film starred the Japanese band

Ex-Girl, who are pretty great.

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