Artists' Television Access

Project (stop the) Mayhem by Rooftop Films and Clamor Magazine

Thursday, December 4, 2003, 8:00 pm,

Short films and videos presented by Rooftop Films and Clamor Magazine

Gay Boyfriend
A hilarious and sophisticated music video for the ukulele-rock duo The Ukes of
Hazard, filmed over one weekend and digitally composted over hundreds of hours.
Romantic comedies sure are great.

Devin Clarke, 1:00
A NYC-moment with a subway bucket drummer.

Devin Clarke, 1:00
A circus mirror, a camera and a face are all it takes to make some people happy.

I Promise To Do Something With You
Songyi Kim, 1:55
TV teleportation.

Principal’s Office
Cell Media, 4:15
Be careful where you stick that camera you little jerk. And I was going to let
you keep that thing. How do you turn this damn thing off?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs (music video), 2:30
An intense, colorful stop-motion animation where the lead singer of the band is
frighteningly pinned like bug. Music in the vein of Blonde Redhead and Challenge
of the Future; video by a member of TV On The Radio and the star of the
indie-film Jump Tomorrow.

Cincinnati Copwatch: Streets Is Watchin’
Cincinnati Copwatch, 12:00
Cincinnati Copwatch was founded in the summer of 2001following the April
uprising that shook the city to its core. It is an organization that directly
monitors the police using video cameras and other equipment. They see police
brutality, misconduct, and harassment as major problems in the city and Copwatch
will work towards a process of accountability through action.

Hip Hop Gurlz
Tamika Guishard, 8:00
Tamika studies the positive and negative effects of Hip-Hop culture on young women.

Kmart Confidential
Elena Oxman, 11:00
A sensitive and fascinating critique of the bargain
giant K-Mart, as seen through the eyes of a young woman who grew up in its
large, suburban shadow.

The Freak
Aristomenis Tsirbas, 6:00
In a land where blind conformity is the law, a brightly garbed
freak brings hope for all things fantastic and atypical.

Bush/Blair Love Duet
Johan Soderberg, 1:30
The leaders of the free world express their true feelings for each other.

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December 4, 2003