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Queer Filmistan 2003

Program 5

Sunday, August 31, 2003, 5:00 pm, $7

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Price of Home (82 mins)

Two films of different genres, a documentary and a narrative short, deal with the costs that are extracted from Queer and South Asian people in their homelands- both the one that they are from and the one that they seek as refuge.


Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World (Dir. John Scagliotti/USA 2003/ 70 min)
Narrated by Janeane Garofalo, Dangerous Living examines the struggles and triumphs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the Global South. While the “Cairo 52” story is the centerpiece of this documentary, it is just one of many examples of GLBT challenges in the developing world. The film travels through five continents to tell the heartbreaking and triumphant stories of incredible queer activists, including interviews of South Asian Queer people and activists from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia and places their lives in the context of the entire developing world.


Laxmi (Dir. Mandrika Rupa/ New Zealand 2000/ 12 mins)

An Indian diasporic look at what it was to live in colonial New Zealand in 1942 wartime when soldiers from the U.S. were stationed there.  It is a coming of age story of an Indian girl who grapples with why her family prefers to deal with the prejudices of a “free” country to the caste injustices they left behind.



Queer Filmistan 2003


Cinema has played a vital role in shaping queer identity in South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora. Queer Filmistan, the nation’s only queer South Asian international film festival, showcases film and video works by, for, about, or of interest to South Asian queer communities. It is devoted to exploring the diverse realities, deep complexities, joys and sorrows that make up the South Asian queer experience.   

Queer Filmistan is a labor of love of Trikone, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people of South Asian descent. Founded in 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Trikone is the oldest group of its kind in the world.


Tickets can be purchased on-line upto 24 hours before each show at and at the door 45 minutes before each show.


Queer Filmistan 2003 has been funded through a significant grant from the Horizons Foundation.



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