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5th Annual POLYESTER PRINCE Rambling Road Show

Bingo, Bands, & Super 8

Sunday, August 3, 2003, 8:00 pm, $5

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From Los Angeles to Tokyo, Arleta to Glasgow, this international group of filmmakers and film enthusiasts are committed to bringing the glory and splendor of Super 8 filmmaking to a cinema near you.

Paolo Davanzo, ringleader and founder of LA’s Echo Park Film Center, invites us not to sit and watch films, but to become a part of the screening process.

Tonight’s “Best Of” program celebrates the five year anniversary of the Polyester Prince Road Show, and includes bands, bingo, and glorious prizes.


1)      Tiny Planet – Jojo Hilsenrad – 5m (Jackson, WY) *

2)      The Chad Lawler Story – Mike Ott – 10m (Los Angeles, CA)

3)      Director’s Cut – Matt Hulse – 3m  (Glasgow, Scotland) *

4)      Cowboy – Vanessa Miscale – 4m (San Francisco, CA) *

5)      Why – Jason Harris – 3m (Arleta, CA)

6)      Mjamjam – David Pfluger – 3m (Basel, Switzerland) *

7)      Colorful Train In Autumn – Shinji Kitagawa – 12m (Tokyo, Japan)

8)      Joe’s In Love – Satoshi Shimizu – 8m (Kobe, Japan)

9)      Wagara Ka Gara – Yosuke Kodani – 6m (Yokohama, Japan)

10)  Super 8 Heroes – Echo Park Kids – 5m (Los Angeles, CA)

11)   Picinin – Paolo Devanzo – 6m (Los Angeles, CA) *


Denotes live musical accompaniment *


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