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Friday, June 6, 2003, 8:00 pm, $5

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by: George Kuchar

Part of the UFO series, the film deals with mystery people that are haunting the characters, who wander about and read material from books which have to do with mystery people.  The characters interact in somewhat unwholesome ways.

1985, 16mm color/so

TRT: 25 min

“Cattle Mutilations”

by: George Kuchar

Against the background of a grisly mystery, four people face a growing sense of panic and uncleanliness.  Part documentary, part “cartoon,” part B-movie. The film asks questions to where there don’t seem to be any clear-cut answers.

1983, 16mm color/so


A special appearance from Mike Kuchar screening:

“Death Quest of the Ju-Ju Cult”

16mm b&w so.

TRT: 30 min.

“Pagans in a Christian World”


TRT: 15 min.


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