Artists' Television Access

Short Shorts

Friday, May 30, 2003, 8:00 pm, $5

Short videos by San Francisco Art Institute Alumni

Indulge your fetish for the avant-garde and the retro-garde.



 “Cum Shots and Field Goals”

By Michelle Silva , TRT: 5 min.


From 16mm found footage of 1970’s porn and of the wholesome, masculine pastime of contact sports, comes the sweaty stench of victory, climax and boredom.



By Michelle Silva , TRT: 4 min.


A cast of pathetic, toothless boozers and the blatant crack dealers of 6th andHoward Street.


 “Leni Riefenstahl: The woman behind the Reich”

Artist: Todd Daniel, TRT: 8:00


A Lego documentary chronicling the life and art of the nazi-filmmaker, focusing on her Olympic opus, Olympia.

Format: DV (Originally shot with Logitech web cam and then extensively re-photographed over and over again.)



Afraid of Virginia Who’s Wolf (T, U, V).

By Brendan Lott, miniDV.  8 min.2003.


A beautiful classic compulsive disorder dysfunction gets grinding into makeover marital meditation Mike Nichols’ obsessive of on.


“I Made Out for Peace, Bush Can Kiss My Ass”

By Automme Zigg, miniDV, TRT: 5 minutes


A short documentary about when the people of San

Francisco got together to make out! Not war!


 “Amor Peligrosa”

By Michelle Silva, TRT: 2 min. 30 sec.


A love story of two skeletons who take part in earthly, human desire and eternal love, falling to rest in peace in their “his” and “hers” grave plots.



By Diana Nucera , miniDV, TRT: 1.30 minutes


The perfect moment of love that can only be found in

the air.




 “Cover Girls”

By Diana Nucera , TRT: 5 min


A flash dance to the past bringing out all the

skeletons in the 80’s closet.


Film by John Palmer to be announced




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