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Odissi is one of the seven main forms of Indian classical dance and reputed the most lyrical of the seven with its emphasis on liquidity of movement and graceful expression.  Rooted in the religion and customs of the eastern Indian state of Orissa, some of Odissi dates back to the second century BCE.  The Odissi tradition nearly became extinct but was revived in the 1950.  The sources for this revival were temple sculptures, palm-leaf manuscripts and Mahari dance, ritual dance performed by women at the temple of Jagannath.

Asako Takami

Asako Takami was born in Niigata, Japan. Takami first saw an Indian dance performance while studying Japanese traditional design at the College of Fine Arts in Tokyo.  It captured her heart and became her life, profession. Takami started her training in 1983 with Smt. Kumkum Lal and then with Padma Bibhusan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. In addition she has studied Packwaj (the drum accompanied with Odissi dance)with Guru Trinath Maharana in Delhi and Sanscrit with Dr.Masayuki Ohnishi.  For three years in the early1980, Takami also received basic training in Kathakali and Manipuri dance forms from Smt. Kang Mina, a Korean dancer of Indian dance.  Takami has taught and performed extensively throughout Japan and in US. Takami was nominated  by the Isadora Duncan Awards Committee as a finalist for the best performance in 2000. Currently she teaches Odissi dance in Bay Area.


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