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3 films by George Kuchar

Thursday, November 14, 2002, 8:00 pm, $5

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“Pagan Rhapsody”

Starring Jane Elford, Lloyd Williams, Bob Cowan, Donna Kerness, Brad Bell, John Collyer, Dave Somerset, Janine Soderhjelm, Phillip Weiner.

Since this was Jane and Lloyd’s first big acting roles, I made the music very loud so it would sweep them to stardom.  She once hurt Bob Cowan’s back by sitting on it so this time I had her laying on his stomach.  My stomach was the same as always except it contained more mocha cake than usual since that type of cake was usually around when I filmed inBrooklynHeights.  Being that the picture was made in winter, there are no outdoor scenes because it’s too cold and when the characters have to suddenly flee a tense situation, it’s too time consuming to have them put on a coat and gloves.

Originally not scheduled as a tragedy, things swiftly changed as the months made me more and more sour as I plummeted down that incinerator shaft I call my life.

-George Kuchar

1970, 16mm color/so, 23.5 minutes

“The Sunshine Sisters”

THE SUNSHINE SISTERS looks like a 1944 postcard that was shot in black and white, but was colored with garish grease pencil reds, yellows and greens.  Likewise the film sounds like the scores of at least two-dozen grade B melodramas mixed together with an eggbeater.  The results are hilarious, ludicrous, and incongruous…a love comic book of doomed women and a movie star disease is seen alternating clutching her waning heart and being taken unfair advantage of in some of the most bizarre places imaginable.

Program notes, Film Forum, New York

1972, 16mm color/s0, 36 minutes


An enigmatic move that’s like an enigmatic enema.

1979, 16mm b&w/so. 30 minutes


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