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This Crazy Thing Called Love

MadCat Film Festival

Friday, September 6, 2002, 8:00 pm, $7

A series of odd, innovative and funny short films about the intricacies of love.

Then a Year by Kelly Reichardt uses a collage of sound from sensationalized TV “true” crime shows and eerily beautiful Super 8 footage to create a narrative of love and betrayal. Amy Taubin of the Village Voice calls Then a Year “lyrical, ominous, and evocative of how horribly love can hurt.” Local filmmaker Zoey Kroll will present the World Premiere of Fingers, Mouth. With wonderfully sly interview techniques this film reveals how boys find their way through the female anatomy. Structured as a language lesson, Making Out in Japan (US Premiere) by Janet Merewether lists five easy steps to attain intimacy in Japanese. The subtleties of love are humorously regimented into dry language drills. Student Academy Award Winner The Velvet Tigress by Jen Sachs is a highly stylized animated drama that uses recreated newspaper headlines and narrative sequences to tell the bizarre story of the 1931 Winnie Ruth Judd “Trunk Murders.” Was it a crime of passion or just cold-blooded murder?

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