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Ladyfest Bay Area Film & Video Festival, Program 4

"Close Your Eyes and Watch This: Innovative Storytelling Experiences"

Sunday, July 28, 2002, 5:00 pm, $5

Close your Eyes and Watch This” brings together 7 short films that utilize innovative and exciting approaches to storytelling. Exploring the realm of place, family and self like a landscape, these films express the experience of home with complicated nuances and layered filmic gestures that give articulation to sensations of home as place, memory, identity and emotion. These films create a unique film viewing experience, full of dynamic moods and rhythms, but you must be open to “close your eyes and watch this”.

Films & Videos include:

If You Lived Here You”d Be Home By Now by Diane Bonder
(2001, 15:00, 16 mm, USA)
Bay Area Premiere !

Calle Chula by Veronica Majano
(1998, 12:00, 16 mm, USA)
Filmmaker in Person !

the to do list confessions by Kirthi Nath
(2001, 15:15, 16 mm, USA)
Filmmaker in Person !

Mother”s Blood by Myra Sito Velasquez
(2001, 17:00, 16 mm, USA )
Northern California Premiere !

yours by Kirthi Nath
(1999,  7:20, 16 mm, USA)
Filmmaker in Person !

Premenstral Spotting by Machiko Saito
(1998, 12:00, BCSP,USA)
Filmmaker in Person !

Mother”s Mink by Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot
(1994, 15:00, BCSP, USA)

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