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Ladyfest Bay Area Film & Video Festival, Program 3

"Development and Displacement"

Sunday, July 28, 2002, 3:00 pm

“Development and Displacement “ explores the causes and consequences of gentrification and the expansive consumption and population growth of America”s rich, illuminating subtle connections between one group”s development and another”s displacement and impoverishment. Nina Paley”s animated “The Stork” is a humorous yet disconcerting satire of suburban sprawl, SUVs, and the predatory flights of this typically hailed “bird of war.”  Paper Tiger TV”s “Fenced Out” documents an emblematic struggle of people verses power and development as queer homeless youth are pushed from the Greenwich village piers in New York City. Rachel Rinaldo takes us to “Division & Western,” an intersection of both throughways and cultures in Chicago”s historically Puerto Rican neighborhood, which is slowly being “developed” as the Puerto Rican community struggles to retain what it feels are its roots — this neighborhood.  On the other side of the globe, strong Thai Women show the far-reaching effects of the U.S. dollar in Eve-Laure Moros Ortega and Linzy Emery”s “Made in Thailand.”  Behind tiny labels on Disney dolls and Gap T-shirts, the film unveils human stories of physical entrapment in a burning building and financial entrapment in a system that labels these women “slaves” to the richest few.

Videos include:  

Fenced Out by Paper Tiger TV/Fierce/New Neutral Zone
2001, DV, 20 min, USA

Division and Western by Rachel Rinaldo
2002, Mini DV, 28 min, USA,
West Coast Premiere !

The Stork by Nina Paley
2002, video, 5 min, USA

Made in Thailand by Eve-Laure Moros Ortega and Linzy Emery
1999, Beta, 33 min, USA

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