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Ladyfest Bay Area Film & Video Festival, Program 1

The Flesh Connection

Saturday, July 27, 2002, 3:00 pm, $6

“The Flesh Connection” brings together eleven short films about the body, both as a site of social/economic struggle, and a medium through which we live out our dreams and fantasies. From animated criticisms  of reproductive economics (Amy Hicks” Hatching Beauty, Nina Paley”s Fertco) to examinations of consumption (Kelly Spivey”s Why You Were Born, Mirha-Soleil Ross”s G-Sprout!) to more languid meditations of the female form in dream-space (Kerry Laitala”s The Escapades of Madame X), the range of films in this program asks questions about the scientific, social, and imaginative functions of flesh.

Films & Videos include:

Lullaby by Mirha-Soleil Ross
(2001, 4:00, Betacam, Canada)
US Premiere !

Fertco by Nina Paley
(2002, 3:00, VHS, USA)

Untitled by Yoko Kumano
(2001, 2:45, VHS, USA)
World Premiere !

Hatching Beauty by Amy Hicks
(2001, 10:00, DV, USA)

The Anatomical Theater of Peter the Great by Rachel Mayeri
(1999 11:00, DV, USA)

involuntary reflexes by Sophie Constantinou and Julie Black
(1997, 5:00, 16mm, USA)

The Wit and Wisdom of Cancer by Nina Paley
(2002, 5:00, VHS, USA)

G-Sprout! by Mirha-Soleil Ross and Mark K
(2000, 12:00, Betacam, Canada)

Why You Were Born by Kelly Spivey
(2001, 6:00, VHS, USA)

The Escapades of Madame X by Kerry Laitala
(2000, 10:00, 16mm, USA)

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