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The Hip-Hop Film & Music Festival

Wednesday, July 10, 2002, 7:00 pm, $5

The Hip-Hop Film & Music Festival presents:

Estillo Hip-Hop (US/Latin America 2002 15mim) Vie Bravo
A Work-In-Progress Short film breathtaking journey into the never before seen world of South of the border hip-hop music and culture. You meet the groups, people, and language that define this burgeoning and radically progressive movement. [email protected]

The Coalition for the Homeless  (US 2002 24mim) F.L.E.P.P.
A short film project addressing laws and ordinances making homelessness a crime in San Francisco. Set against a hip-hop score produced by The Living Legends this film makes you think on all levels of the issue. [email protected]

Hypocrite (US 2002 12mim) David Chalker
A controversial short film about a woman who is being stalked by a faceless unknown character. Shot from the stalker’s POV, supported by a brilliant hip-hop soundtrack and compelling score, the audience is pushed into the seat as the Hypocrite. Winner of the San Francisco International Film Festival’s “Gate Award” and Most Innovative Short at the Tiburon International Film Festival “Prepare to have you ass thoroughly kicked as an angry protagonist knocks you out of viewer apathy and passive consumption. A thought-provoking piece that puts you on a swooping, spinning ride of enlightenment. This is a definite must-see for everyone intrigued by film theory and the voyeuristic politics of our film like gaze”

Cubamore (Cuba/US 2001 115min) Joshua Bee Alafia
Cubamor is a story of love, mysticism and self discovery set in Havana, Cuba, 2000. The story follows two encounters of love between Americans and Cubans, and though the characters do not know each other, they often share the same settings, and live in the same neighborhood. Direct from the Cuban hip-hop Underground, cubamor brings us into a colorful, mystical world where love knows no borders. Mixing magical realism surreally, and cinema verite’ immediacy, cubamor finds the earthy in the ethereal, sincerity among the world of hustlers, and searches the hearts of our protagonists for love of strangers.


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