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Karma Got Friendly

Wednesday, June 19, 2002, 8:00 pm, $5

Written as a subtle spoof of early 90s indy story lines, Karma Got Friendly takes off and goes somewhere different.  An 87 minute moody comedy shot on B&W DV and color 16mm, this film  is the story of two friends, Joe and Friendly and the night Friendly realized that he had to change his name. 

 Joe has always had a knack for finding the worst in himself.  After meeting Friendly, Joe was still prone to trouble, but Friendly has been Joe”s skeleton key to good fortune.  Until now . . . Friendly has realized that he”s the doormat in a codependent friendship.  

The story follows Friendly and Joe as Friendly”s mind starts to unravel, but is he going crazy or getting smart. 

Shot in Portland and Zig Zag, Oregon

Starring:  Eric Lindstrom, Jacob Mooney, and Sarah Carthey

 Written and Directed by  Joshua Bovinette

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