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Millhouse: A White Comedy

Saturday, June 15, 2002, 8:00 pm, $5

Using newsreel footage, television kinescopes and out takes from
political spots Nixon made as a presidential candidate in 1968, filmmaker Emile De Antonio creates a comic yet scathing portrait of the former President in this political satire. It”s all here, including scenes of Nixon advocatine the death penalty for drug peddlers, suggestions of using nuclear weapons in Indochina, and even rare glimpses of the President watching go-go dancers in the White House. De Antonio landed on Nixon”s infamous “enemy list” because of the derisive wisdom he supplied about one of America”s most paranoid and pilloried politicians.

“I didn”t make this film to elect Democrats, I made it to reveal the
terrible comic theatre that is American Politics.” 

1971 B/W 90mins.

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