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Turn to Stone

An installation in the ATA Right Window Gallery

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Turn to Stone

Watch the video:

Essentially, “Turn to Stone” is an orchestrated, epic rock music installation courtesy of Matthew Hughes Boyko & Carol Anne McChrystal. With its psychedelic lyrical approach to installation and the enigmatic influence of Roger Dean & Electric Light Orchestra, the Right Window Gallery at ATA gains an entirely new perspective.

Texture is the key component to this installation. Even though the display is orchestrated, the synthetic arrangement of modernist sculpture, black light, fog and silver help the composition to move along the performative environments of the 1970s rock palette while keeping the contrived situation of window display art ambience at bay.

The Right Window Gallery at ATA is curated by Craig Goodman for the month of December, 2007. Carol Anne McChrystal and Matthew Hughes Boyko are both recent graduates of the California College of the Arts Master in Fine Arts program and are currently living and working in San Francisco, California. The above statement was adapted from an review of “Turn to Stone” by ELO written by Zachary Curd.

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