Artists' Television Access

Time Capsule:

new video & installations from SF State

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $3

Students from the Conceptual Information Arts department at San  Francisco State University show new work in video and installation, including digital animation and performance-based pieces. Participants (from Katherin McInnis’s digital video class) include:  Josefina Bolufer Cervero, Elisa Brydum, Brenda Contreras, Emily Davis, Ethan Hopfer, Matt Kennedy, Artie Luna, David Luraschi, Yuya Morita, Erika Nakada, Michael Namkung,  Claudia Ramirez,  Michihiro Sakai, Chad Spangler, Zeffrey Throwell, and Phillip Villarreal.

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