Artists' Television Access

The West May Save Us Yet

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am


From Olympia to Los Angeles, musicians and film artists up and down the Pacific coast are getting together to liberate the music video from its status-quo context as self-promotional tool and transform it into a new, confrontational art form, displacing major-label preen with honest, direct address and DIY visual kinesis Despite having next-to-nothing budgets, production values are way high, and you will be as well.

Assembled by musician and curator Nick Hallett, the reel is a follow-up to last fall’s ’23 Reasons to Spare New York,’ a syllabus of the Big Apple’s new psychedelic wave. This screening will likewise involve its fair share of the heavy, heady visuals (this is the west coast, man!) Just imagine what MTV would look like if it still broadcast subversive, anti-consumerist, revolution-invoking, and seizure-inducing films, soundtracked by bands that actually push the boundaries of sound.

  • Deerhoof: Wrong Time Capsule, dir. Martha Colburn 3:00

  • Black Mountain: Druganaut dir. Heather Trawick 4:00

  • Ariel Pink: Life in LA, dir. Nicolas Amato :30

  • BARR: Lights Out, dir. Donovan/Vim Crony 3:00

  • Mae Shi: Chop 2, dir. David Park 1:00

  • Numbers: Fuck You Garage, dir. Eric Landmark 3:00

  • Dynasty Handbag: I Can’t Wait, dir. Jibz Cameron, Sue Costibile and Indra

  • Dunis 2:45

  • Tussle: Entre Chien et Loup, dir. Alison Childs 2:00

  • Crime in Choir: The Hoop, dir. Tim Miller 4:00

  • Ariel Pink: Bloody Bagonias, dir. Nicolas Amato :30

  • Eats Tapes: Pteryd, dir. Nate Boyce 3:00

  • Sexy Midi: Wizards, dir. Kelly Sears 1:15

  • Push {H}it (Abe’s the S Stands for Suppa Glitch Out for all You Sukkas! Mix) from Universal Acid, dir. Marisa Olson and Abe Linkoln 1:30

  • Phase Chancellor: exerpt from live performance, dir. Phase

  • Chancellor 5:30

  • Starter Set: In Can Can Descent, dir. Lindsay Beamish 4:00

  • Matt Reilly: Punk House 6:30

  • Ariel Pink: Loverboy, dir. Nicolas Amato :30

  • White Rainbow: Full Spectrum Healing Center, dir. Adam Forkner 1:30

  • Bonus: Tone Trad, dir. Jamie Potter 5:00

  • Comets on Fire: Beneath the Ice Age, dir. Elise Irving 3:30

  • Casiotone for the Painfully Alone: The Subway Home, dir. David Enos, Paul Stephanin 3:45

  • Bobby Birdman: Steal Yr Face, dir. Jona Bechtolt 3:30

  • Ariel Pink: Beverly Kills, dir. Nicolas Amato 2:15

  • The Gossip: Standing in the Way of Control, dir. Wyld File 4:30

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