Artists' Television Access

The Revival House Classic Queer Cinema

"Bijou" & "Bayside".

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $6


On Wednesday, August 20th The Revival House continues it’s two-part hardcore program with an exploration into the sexual underground of 70’s New York with two pieces by the innovative and visionary filmmaker Wakefield Poole: “Bijou” and “Bayside”.    Frustrated by the bleak offerings of male erotic film in the late 60’s & early 70’s, and secure in the knowledge that he could do better, Wakefield Poole went on to create two seminal masterpieces of gay porn – “Boys in the Sand” and “Bijou” (U.S.A., 1972).

“Bijou” is a true classic which reimagines a kind of Alice in Wonderland fantasy trip with a hunky, N.Y. construction worker with an impressive endowement (really impressive!) in the “Alice” role, and a psychadelic, underground sex club standing in for “Wonderland”. Often overlooked in favor of the Casey Donovan vehicle, “Boys in the Sand”, “Bijou” is innovative filmmaking at its best – a feast for the eyes and the libido. Keep an eye out for a cameo appearance by BillCable (a.k.a. “Stoner” of COLT fame).     

“Bayside” (U.S.A., 1971) The first, and most compelling, installment of the three-part “Boys in the Sand”. Starring Casey Donovan, this groundbreaking film was the first “all-male” movie to be reviewed by Variety and set the bar for future queer filmmakers seeking to merge high art and hardcore sex.

The Revival House is located in the Mission District at A.T.A. (Artists Television Access), 992 Valencia Street (@ 21st). We present classic, queer cinema on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Doors open at 7:00, screening begins at 8:00. Admission is


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