Artists' Television Access

The One Minute Video Festival

presented by Massatucky Productions

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $5

The One Minute Video Festival features the work of well-known film makers, local students and first-time video producers, given only a single minute to project their vision. This eclectic and powerful mix of poignant videos and films has been organized by Nate Longcope, who has been able to pool the talents of the region and from places as far away as Kansas, South Carolina, Los Angeles, and even Europe. The work and artistic environment of the festival will enlighten, enrich, and inspire folks from all ages and all backgrounds.

Featuring: Memo Salazar, Liquid Kulak, Devin Clark, Jim Higgins, Damian Catera, Peter Severy, Ros Bobos, Lane Meyer, Dan Ryckert, Mike Cusimano, Tony Silva, John Martin, Nate Longcope, Jason Daniels, Dave Mast, Matt Collins, Andew MK Warren, Jacques Trudell, Earworm, Ted Lavash, Jesse Iassac-Ross, John Messmrz, Adam Farrell, Bree Cheetham, Walter Wright, Brian C. Moore, Reza and Christa, Christoff Gelfand,and more…

“It’s Wicked Awesome,” says Dutchboy of Zilla the Monsters film zine



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