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the myth of Obo Martin by Michael Musika

Mission Creek Music and Film Festival

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, 0

Myth of OBO

A lyrical documentary shot in colour and black and white by Chris Arnold and Isabel Fondevila in 2005 .The movie explores  a question  Michael Musika asks his  third grade students ” if being a creative person means to remain a child in an adult world ?” At the heart of the question, is Michael Musika and his friend Obo Martin and their  adventures through San Francisco1s music scene, playing shows in hallways , baroque bars, social séances, and lantern-lit forests. Musika translates the experience to the children as a spooky comic myth. Through fact, fiction, and fairy tale the movie questions the difference between artistic freedom and childhood.  Do you have to sell your dreams to make a living?

This full length documentary features musical performances by San Francisco luminaries Sean Hayes, Jolie Holland, Michael Musika, Sleepy Todd and Ara Anderson

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